Train Wreck and Renewal

In setting forth the ideas in the book ‘Economics for a Round Earth’ I did not expect that they would rapidly be taken up as policy and that the global economy would thus be set on a radically different, sustainable path, in time to avoid pain. There is simply too much momentum in the current world economic system, of indefinite linear expansion of population and consumption.

I set forth these ideas on the assumption that the world economy was heading for a train wreck, and that some different ideas would be needed to give the human remnant a fresh start, to rebuild, in the future. Eventually the steady-state economy, in dynamic equilibrium with the limited planet, would be created. I’m thinking far into the future, when people would be very different from ourselves; not physically, but in their attitudes, their world-view, their organisation. We might find it difficult to understand them, or they us, if some time-travelling encounter could be arranged.

Religion would have been left far behind. The absurd idea of an immortal humanoid being in the sky who ‘made’ this planet for our benefit, and who looks after us, would have been long discarded.

Some think that we must change the onward rush of the current world economy, in order to ‘save the planet’. The planet will be okay. The destructive processes that the current world economic system inflicts on the planet are self-limiting. Hence the train wreck.

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