Review of 1988 edition of Economics for a Round Earth

[Background to this letter: The 1988 edition of Economics for a Round Earth was purchased by the library of Murdoch University in Western Australia. Ms Tonti was featured in a 1993 story in ‘The West Australian’ newspaper, as one of the promising students of that year. I found her address and wrote to her, suggesting she find my book in the library and have a look at it if she had time. – Charles A. Pierce]


Dear Mr Pierce,

Thankyou for your letter (March 1993) regarding your book “Economics for a Round Earth”, please accept my sincere apologies for responding so late to your letter.

I did not have the opportunity to study any environmental economics at Murdoch University until the latter stages of second semester in 1993, in a course named “The Australian Economy”. In your letter you stated that you were interested to know my thoughts pertaining to your book. I found “Economics for a Round Earth” a most useful work in enhancing my comprehension of the interaction between the discourses of economics and environmental conservation. The manner in which you presented many of the planet’s ecological-economic problems I found most thought-provoking and unique (for an economics work) – enabling students to gain an alternative insight into such issues, particularly regarding the consumption and renewal of resources and consumer attitudes.

Thank you for recommending your book to me, I have found it to be most useful in my studies thus far.

Best wishes for the New Year,

Yours Sincerely
Justine Tonti

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