Notes on Evolution Not Revolution

First, it will be noted that things that common sense tells us are always good, such as efficient government or nuclear disarmament, or always bad, such as strikes or cartels, may actually be bed sometimes and good other times depending on the circumstances.

Second, because a thing is evil, it doesn’t necessarily have to be removed; its presence may obstruct a greater evil. It may be the symptom of evil causes; there is no point in fighting the symptom while neglecting its causes. And campaigning directly against an evil may not be the best way of getting rid of it.

Third, the large differences in perfluence (level of consumption of goods and services) between different parts of the world human population must be levelled out by any and every means. This doesn’t mean that there should be no rich or poor individuals; but that differences in perfluence that are unjust or, what is more important, perceived to be unjust between different parts of the world are a source of instability and conflict and are a barrier to the development of a sustainable world economy.

Fourth, world political and economic unity is necessary and must be worked towards, but need not be inconsistent with ethnic and cultural diversity.

Fifth, it might seem that if all economic activity were to stop, we would have a sustainable economy. This is true, but not the aim here. The task before us is to enable the human species to survive indefinitely, supported by an economic system that is complex and lively but yet still sustainable.

The task may be compared to changing a complex mosaic design on a huge wall for a different, more complex mosaic. Faced with the totality of the task, anyone would be daunted and lapse into apathy. But if you say to one person or group, “Do what you can to change these ten stones here, consistent with the overall design” and to another, “Do what you can to change these twenty stones here, consistent with the overall design” then the job looks manageable to everyone and can steadily be accomplished as the result of many small efforts.

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