Digression: Bad Economics Good for Conservation?

This digression takes another journey over ground traversed in the post “Digression – Resource Consumption, jobs, and ‘Hands Off’ ” and in the Foreword.

In the foregoing discussion of pensions there appears to be a contradiction – the current trend of pension payments threatens severe economic dislocation, but such dislocation slows throughput and conserves wealth. This conflict is general – anything which dislocates economies conserves wealth by slowing throughput or locally halting it. This unfortunately includes war and terrorism. The destruction caused by these is mainly to throughput facilities, rather than to the wealth base. This should not be taken as an argument in favour of the evil, destructive side of human activity, rather as a way of pointing up the conflict between present economic systems and the earth’s well-being, on which those very economic systems depend.

How may this conflict be resolved?

Not by running economic systems so inefficient that they will never be able either to deplete the wealth base or serve the human race properly; rather by achieving the greatest and best throughput with the fairest distribution permitted by the global environment of the economic organism. The limitations of this environment must be taken into account in practical policies thoroughly interwoven with general economic practice. This is discussed in other posts.

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